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Just three weeks remain in the NBA 2K League regular season, and it is a tight race to claim the final postseason slots. The schedule in Week 10 features opportunities for teams to make or break their 2019 seasons. With such a tight race between sixth place and 17th place, week 10 is bound to provide some drama.

Blazer5 Gaming and Mavs Gaming claimed two of the seven available playoff positions last week. This leaves five spots in the bracket for 15 eligible teams. Kings Guard Gaming is next up to clinch a postseason berth and can do so by going 2-0 this week and at least one loss recorded from both Celtics Crossover Gaming and Magic Gaming.

Week 10 play tips Wednesday with Kings Guard Gaming and Warriors Gaming Squad at 6 p.m. ET. Fans can enjoy all 14 games this week on Twitch and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

The better teams in the league are showing up at the right time of the season. Last week, plenty of scenarios had more playoff spots coming off the board, and the results provided the expected. The top teams stayed put this week, but there was plenty of movement within the bottom half of the top 10.

(** = Clinched playoff spot, five spots left. x = Eliminated from playoffs.)

Blazer5 at the NBA 2K League The Ticket Tournament | Power Rankings
Blazer5 at the NBA 2K League The Ticket Tournament (Photo by Blazer5 Gaming)

1. **Blazer5 Gaming (Last Week: 2-0, 12-1 Overall)

Look up confidence in the dictionary and a picture of Blazer5 Gaming is there. This team is having fun, playing the best 2K out of any team, and just clinched its playoff spot. Still hoping to win the regular season, expect Blazer5 Gaming to keep competing while also trying new strategies.

2. **Mavs Gaming (1-1, 11-2)

Viewers could say Mavs Gaming’s win over Warriors Gaming Squad was not impressive because the Warriors already clinched a playoff spot. However, Warriors Gaming Squad put their best squad out there and Mavs Gaming answered the call. Mavs Gaming are now playoff bound, and that may have played a role in the loss to Celtics Crossover Gaming. The Dallas crew may still be in contention for the regular season title, but it is looking like a runner-up spot is in its future.

3. **Warriors Gaming Squad (0-2, 7-6)

It is hard to grade Warriors Gaming Squad after last week when they put in everything against the Mavs for a close loss and then winged it (and failed) against Celtics Crossover Gaming. The Warriors have their playoff spot secured thanks to The Ticket. After the 0-2 week, the team can finish third in the standings at best. That does not leave much to play for late in the season. This looks to be a cruise control situation until the postseason.

4. 76ers GC (0-0, 7-4)

In the past, bye weeks have come at great times for teams. It is the opposite for 76ers GC with its bye last week. The momentum rolled 76ers GC into a great playoff position. Now, 76ers GC face two teams in week 10 who are desperate for a win: Grizz Gaming (one game back of eighth place) and Hawks Talon GC (one and a half games back). The bye week does not take away from what 76ers GC have done recently, and a 2-0 week is looking likely for the Philly group.

Ramo "Ramo" Radoncic celebrating with his Pacers Gaming teammates.
Ramo “Ramo” Radoncic celebrating a big play with his Pacers Gaming teammates (Image by NBA 2K League)

5. Pacers Gaming (2-0, 8-4)

It was not the cleanest of weeks for Pacers Gaming. The Indiana crew scrapped together two wins against lesser opponents in Knicks Gaming and Wizards District Gaming. At this point in the season, top teams like Pacers Gaming should be locked in to succeed, and last week was a head-scratcher. Luckily, Pacers Gaming have off this week and are in place to clinch a playoff berth in the coming weeks.

6. Kings Guard Gaming (2-0, 9-4)

The claim “Kings Guard Gaming can clinch a playoff berth in week 10” was one no one thought would be possible at the beginning of the year, but the team is thriving right now. Jhade “worthingcolt” Black dominates the boards this year. Yusuf “YUSUF_SCARBS” Abdulla leads the league in blocks. The offense comes from every position on this team. Kings Guard Gaming looks more and more dangerous each week.

7. Magic Gaming (0-0, 6-5)

Magic Gaming had the week off, and it was needed. The playoff hopes of Magic Gaming may come down to at least a split week against Hawks Talon GC and Mavs Gaming. The Orlando crew is tied for seventh in the standing, representing a tie for the final postseason spot. Magic Gaming may be the most questionable team heading into these final weeks. Even Magic Gaming fans do not how the team is going to close out this season.

Celtics Crossover’s Albano “oFAB” Thomallari. NBA 2K League fight week one
Celtics Crossover’s Albano “oFAB” Thomallari. (Image via NBA 2K League)

8. Celtics Crossover Gaming (2-0, 6-5)

It only took half the season, but Celtics Crossover Gaming seems to have figured out its issues. The combo of Albano “oFAB” Thomallari and Alexander “ProFusion” Snowden continues to lead this team to wins — currently five in a row. Boston’s team sits on the brink of elimination, but this recent surge has them going from forgotten to playoff contenders in the span of four weeks.

9. NetsGC (2-0, 7-5)

NetsGC exemplifies the team that does not really impress anyone in the league with flashy gameplay, but always plays solid no matter the opponent. A perfect week now has NetsGC lined up to be the only expansion team to make the postseason. The playoff fate of NetsGC must wait until at least week 11 with the team on bye this week.

10. Bucks Gaming (1-1, 7-6)

The question all year long for Bucks Gaming has been: “Can the team succeed without Aaron “Arooks” Rookwood dominating the game?” Bucks Gaming went from dismantling Lakers Gaming by 45 to losing to NetsGC by 17 in the span of four hours. This team is a perfect representation of a roller coaster. Unless Rookwood is leading the ride, Bucks Gaming is likely to miss the playoffs.

The remaining teams rank as follows:

11. Cavs Legion GC (0-1, 7-6)
12. T-Wolves Gaming (0-0, 5-6)
13. Jazz Gaming (1-1, 6-6)
14. Wizards District Gaming (1-1, 5-7)
15. Heat Check Gaming (0-1, 4-8)
16. Raptors Uprising GC (0-0, 5-6)
17. Grizz Gaming (0-0, 5-6)
18. Hawks Talon GC (0-0, 4-6)
19. xKnicks Gaming (0-2, 2-10)
20. xLakers Gaming (0-2, 2-11)
21. xPistons GT (0-2, 1-12)

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more NBA 2K League power rankings. Let us know in the comments if you have some strong opinions about them!