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After announcements of two new franchises and protected players, the NBA 2K League revealed the draft order Friday afternoon for both the expansion draft and league draft. Hornets Venom GT will have the first pick of the expansion draft, edging out Gen.G. Wizards District Gaming to grab the top spot in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.

The NBA 2K League announced a lottery system to determine the draft orders for both drafts earlier this month. Both Hornets Venom GT and Gen.G had an equal chance to earn the first pick in the expansion draft. The 2020 draft would follow a system similar to the NBA’s draft lottery. The bottom three teams from the 2019 season had the best odds to get the top pick. After those teams, the odds for other teams slimmed to obtain higher pick.

Looking ahead, the NBA 2K League Expansion Draft is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 18. The 2020 NBA 2K League Draft will be announced in the coming months according to the league.

NBA 2K League expansion draft order

The expansion draft format was already in place before the lottery picks on Friday. The team that won the 50-50 opportunity would have picks one and four with an optional pick at five. For the other team — picks two, three, and an optional pick at six. As winners of the expansion draft lottery, Hornets Venom GT will own the first and fourth overall picks.

Hornets Venom GT and Gen.G will pick at least two players from the unprotected player pool. This player pool consists of players not selected by their 2019 teams to be protected from the expansion draft. Each 2019 team had to protect two or three players from a roster of six. A full list of available players can be found on the league’s website.

NBA 2K League draft order

Before the lottery picks, Pistons GT, Lakers Gaming, and Knicks Gaming had the best likelihood to own the top slot at 15 percent. Hawks Talon GC and Heat Check Gaming were the only other teams who had a 10 percent or better chance at the top pick. The league published the lottery results and Wizards District Gaming won the jackpot with a 7 percent chance. The D.C. group now owns the top selection in the 2020 draft.

Knicks Gaming was the runner-up and will pick after Wizards District Gaming. Hawks Talon GC and Pistons GT pick third and fourth, respectively. Despite losing in the expansion draft lottery, Gen.G beat out Hornets Venom GT for the fifth pick in the 2020 draft. Hornets Venom GT will pick sixth.

The full 2020 NBA 2K League Draft order is below:

1st: Wizards District Gaming
2nd: Knicks Gaming
3rd: Hawks Talon GC
4th: Pistons GT
5th: Gen.G
6th: Hornets Venom GT
7th: Lakers Gaming
8th: Heat Check Gaming
9th: NetsGC
10th: Jazz Gaming
11th: Raptors Uprising GC
12th: Bucks Gaming
13th: Cavs Legion GC
14th: Magic Gaming
15th: Grizz Gaming
16th: Pacers Gaming
17th: Kings Guard Gaming
18th: Mavs Gaming
19th: Blazer5 Gaming
20th: Warriors Gaming Squad
21st: Celtics Crossover Gaming
22nd: 76ers GC
23rd: T-Wolves Gaming

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