Pistons GT win first ever NBA 2K 3v3 Championship - Upcomer

Pistons GT win first ever NBA 2K 3v3 Championship

Pistons cleansweep Wizards to make history in NBA 2K League, Western Conference prevails over East in finals clash

Pistons GT become the first team to win the inaugural NBA 2K 3v3 Championship. The Detroit team cleansweeped Wizard District Gaming with a 4-0 scoreline to take home the title and $250,000.

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“It is indescribable, to be honest,” said finals MVP Ramo “Ramo” Radoncic. “No one had us here besides us; and as cliche as it sounds, I’ve been saying it all day. I’ve been here since day one [of the] inaugural season, this organization drafted me and to finally get one for them β€” and one for myself β€” feels good, I can’t lie. I could have easily asked for the easy route out, you know, when times get hard, but instead I’m loyal to the ones that are loyal to me and I can never be more appreciative of what Pistons GT have done for me.”

The center player has been with the organization for five years now and has played every season since then. He finished the finals with the most rebounds and 38 points in total.

Pistons GT: A team playing for family and history

Pistons GT
Pistons GT NBA 2K League players and coaching staff with trohy| Image provided by NBA Communications

While many may not have predicted the Pistons to be crowned the first ever NBA 2k 3v3 champions, the team backed themselves to do it all. For them, it was not only a fight for the title but a fight to support their families with the prize money and become embedded in the league’s history. The three payers, Ja’ron “Bagmotion” Baylor, Anthony “Ants SZN” Costanzo and Ramo had all witnessed a roller-coaster season but never lost sight of why they were playing.

“We are all playing for each other’s families”, said Ant SZN. “Bag’s got a kid, Duane’s got two kids. It is more than just us right here, we are playing for others; I guess our motto at this point β€” and before every game β€” is family. It’s a a special group we got here.”

After defeating Rim Runners in the Western Conference finals, Pistons knew that they needed to stay true to team work to take down Wizards, the back to back NBA 2K 5V5 champions and winners of the first NBA 2k Coinbase SLAM OPENΒ  3v3 tournament.

“Our big motto coming into this 3v3 was discipline,” said Ant SZN. “Just be disciplined, trust one another, take your twos, just play smart. We know how smart we are as a team, we were well prepared and we truly believed we got better every series.”


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