NBA 2K21: How to use the pro stick to shoot
NBA 2K21 pro stick shooting

NBA 2K21: How to use the pro stick to shoot

NBA 2K21 made some big changes to the popular basketball sim franchise. One of the biggest changes is how shooting works in the newest title. You can, of course, choose to use older methods, but it’s beneficial to know how to use the pro stick to shoot.

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Here’s how to use the pro stick to shoot in NBA 2K21, along with the advantages of using it, and how to disable this if you don’t like it.

Why and how to use the pro stick to shoot in NBA 2K21

The pro stick offers players a new way to shoot that isn’t dependent on timing. Classically, players would need to hold the shoot button and release at the perfect time to get a “green” release. In NBA 2K21, you have the option to use the pro stick and “aim” your shot.

Using the pro stick is easy to do, but difficult to master. To take a shot or a layup with it, you simply need to pull the right thumbstick down and then swivel it a little to aim it in the center of the yellow portion of the shot meter. The tricky part is that the yellow portion of the shot meter will change depending on where you shoot from.

The key to getting good at it is to practice. Go into free play mode and practice shooting around from different places and learning how to get green shots. The more you do this, the easier it will be for you to do it in a real NBA 2K game.

You can also boost the accuracy of your shot by pulling down the left trigger when your player releases the ball. This will not hurt your shot if you get the timing wrong, but it can boost your chances of hitting it if you get it right.

If you aren’t a fan of the new pro stick shooting in NBA 2K21, you can turn off “shot aiming” in your settings and continue to use the shot button. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get quite as much accuracy with this method, so we recommend you learn to adapt.