NBA 2K League season 3 details revealed: new studio, tournaments, more
NBA 2K League season 3 details schedule teams home studio $1.4 million prize
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NBA 2K League season 3 details revealed: new studio, tournaments, more

Following the NBA 2K League Draft this past weekend, the league office announced Thursday afternoon changes for the upcoming season. The NBA 2K League season 3 will feature a new home studio in Manhattan, schedules, tournaments, and $1.4 million up for grabs.

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Thursday’s announcement answers the remaining questions fans had regarding the new season. The season begins on March 24 with the annual The Tipoff Tournament. After the opening tournament, teams will compete between April and July in a 16-game schedule to earn one of nine spots available for the NBA 2K League season 3 playoffs.

The 10th and final playoff spot will be awarded to the winner of The Ticket Tournament. This change differs from previous seasons when The Ticket Tournament was held midseason. Changes to the tournament are welcomed after previous winners were able to cruise throughout the late portion of seasons 1 and 2 without worrying about clinching a playoff berth.

Other new additions to the schedule include home games for teams outside of the New York studio. This change comes after multiple players and coaches voiced concerns with the constant travel each week in the previous seasons.

The league also revealed six round-robin tournaments hosted by different teams. Magic Gaming (May 23), T-Wolves Gaming (June 13), Raptors Uprising GC (June 20), Mavs Gaming (June 26), Warriors Gaming Squad (July 11), and Wizards District Gaming (July 18) are scheduled to host.

Playoffs for NBA 2K League season 3 kick off July 29. For a full list of games this season, visit the league website.

NBA 2K League season 3 studio

The announcement of the new studio was the highlight of new features introduced by the league. Long Island represented the home base for the league for the first two seasons before the move to Manhattan. NBA 2K League’s new home occupies a 13,600-square-foot space and can hold audiences up to 200 people.

“Every season we seek to elevate the NBA 2K League experience for players, fans, and viewers, and we are taking a major step in that direction with our new Manhattan studio,” said NBA 2K League Managing Director Brendan Donohue. “This unique space will further establish the NBA 2K League as a world-class esports product and make the league more engaging and accessible to casual and hardcore fans alike.”

In addition to the general audience, guest streamers are invited to visit the new studio with a special area for streaming. This move follows the league’s initiatives for more organic content creation.

NBA 2K League season three draftees waiting to be called.
NBA 2K League Draft night. Image credit: Pacers Gaming

Player salaries and benefits

NBA 2K League’s $1.4 million prize pool is increased by $200,000 from last year’s pool. The first two tournaments, The Tipoff and The Turn, receive a payout of $150,000 and $230,000, respectively. Each of the round-robin events has a prize pool of $20,000 up for grabs. A majority of the season’s winnings will be earned in the NBA 2K League season 3 playoffs. A total of $900,000 is available to teams who earn playoff spots. The league champions will secure $420,000 of that pool.

The league announced base salaries for all players on Thursday through six-month contracts. All players retained from the second season will earn $37,500. Draftees selected in last weekend’s NBA 2K League Draft will play on salaries of $35,000 for first-round picks or $33,000 for second round or later picks.

In addition to the base salaries, all players will receive paid housing, medical insurance, and retirement plans. Players have the freedom to seek endorsement deals separate from the team.

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