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MultiVersus director Tony Huynh announced Monday that the game’s open beta will end on June 25. Afterward, all of the game’s online features will be removed for more than six months until the game fully launches sometime in early 2024.

“We do know that this news might be disappointing, but rest assured, MultiVersus will be back,” Huynh said in the announcement video. “Thank you again to the entire MultiVersus community. We greatly appreciate your passion and excitement and can’t wait to share our next chapter with you.”

MultiVersus is a platform fighter developed by Player First Games in partnership with Warner Bros. Games. The game launched in open beta in July of 2022. When the MultiVersus open beta first began, there were 17 playable characters from a number of Warner Bros. intellectual properties.

The developers initially released updates at breakneck speeds, with six more characters joining the game in the first four months after its release. However, the game has received no new characters and minimal content updates since Marvin the Martian became playable in November of 2022.

Details about the end of the MultiVersus open beta

Although the open beta will officially come to an end in June, players will not be able to download the game from digital storefronts or purchase in-game currency known as Gleamium after April 4. The final update of the open beta will also come on April 4. Meanwhile, the Season 2 battle pass will remain until June 25.

All content should transfer from the open beta to the full launch, meaning players don’t have to worry about losing characters, cosmetics, and other items that they have purchased. In the meantime, the developers intend to work on the content release schedule, netcode and progression system leading up to the full release of MultiVersus next year.

Once the MultiVersus open beta ends, players will still be able to practice in the game’s built-in trading mode, The Lab. In addition, local play will still be available to those who are able to face each other in-person. However, the game will not have any online functionality until its relaunch in 2024.

With the removal of online play, MultiVersus’ esports scene will likely come to a temporary halt this summer. Although MultiVersus was featured as a side event at Evo 2022 last August, Warner Bros. has not hosted an official offline tournament since. As a result, the game’s competitive community has existed almost entirely online up to now.

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