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The player base for crossover platform fighter MultiVersus has exceeded 20 million people, according to a press release from Warner Bros. Games. This milestone came less than one month after the full launch of the game’s open beta on July 26.

The 20 million player threshold is only the latest record-breaking statistic for MultiVersus. The day it launched, MultiVersus hit a peak of over 100,000 people playing at the same time on Steam. Without even taking console players into account, that already placed MultiVersus as the most-played fighting game of all time, at least in terms of concurrent players.

Season 1 of MultiVersus started on August 15 and will last for three months. During the season, the game will receive Ranked and Classic Arcade modes, along with at least four new characters: Rick, Morty, Black Adam and Stripe. In addition, leakers have suggested that Gizmo, Betelgeuse, the Wicked Witch of the West and Marvin the Martian are also likely to become playable characters during Season 1.

How MultiVersus passed 20 million players

Although its longevity is yet to be determined, MultiVersus has blown other crossover platform fighters like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl out of the water by hitting 20 million players so early in its lifespan. Of the three games, MultiVersus is the only one to use the free-to-play model.

MultiVersus also stands apart from Smash in that it is playable on multiple platforms. Currently, the game is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. And, unlike NASB — which is playable on the same platforms and the Nintendo Switch — MultiVersus has crossplay among all platforms. Leakers have also found that there may be a mobile port of MultiVersus coming at some point.

MultiVersus is still a bit behind Smash Ultimate, which is the best-selling fighting game ever with over 28 million copies sold. However, with the game still only being in beta, the developers at Player First Games seem poised to grow MultiVersus into the biggest fighting game ever.

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