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Developers at Player First Games reportedly forgot to add LeBron James to the latest update for the Steam version of MultiVersus. LeBron was supposed to enter the game Tuesday alongside the full launch of the open beta.

The latest MultiVersus patch went live at noon ET on Tuesday, as previously announced by the MultiVersus Twitter account. At that time, servers went down for maintenance, leaving the game temporarily unplayable. As of the time of writing, the servers are still down.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @GhostsSoup datamined the patch and found LeBron’s files under the name “C016” in the Epic Games Store version of the game. However, he also found that the C016 files were completely absent from the Steam version of MultiVersus, meaning LeBron had erroneously been excluded from the update.

LeBron excluded from MultiVersus on Steam

While the Steam patch of MultiVersus left LeBron out, dataminers have not yet shared whether LeBron was successfully added to the PlayStation or Xbox versions of the game. Since MultiVersus features crossplay among all consoles, it is likely that servers will remain down for all versions of the game until Player First Games pushes a new patch to Steam.

There has not yet been a comment from the MultiVersus team regarding LeBron’s exclusion from the Steam update. The MultiVersus Twitter account claimed that “servers will be back soon” about 30 minutes after the patch went live. Then, about 15 minutes later, director Tony Huynh shared that the developers encountered an issue with one of their build servers.

This delay has already become an interference for members of the competitive MultiVersus community. The European bracket at Conduit Gaming’s CG MultiVersus Open Beta Launch tournament, which was scheduled to begin at noon, will be postponed to Wednesday if the server maintenance is not finished by 2:30 p.m.

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