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Amidst all of the new information regarding the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta, Activision also released a new teaser trailer for Call of Duty Next. This was almost identical to the format of the previous trailer Activision released over the weekend. However, in the new trailer, we can see some fresh details regarding MW2 multiplayer.

The previous trailer released over the weekend confirmed a few different perks for MW2 and even teased a new perk system coming to multiplayer. The new trailer has a new set of perks and even some game modes that we can see. There are also one or two maps that are briefly shown during the trailer, but it’s impossible to make out what maps these could possibly be. However, we can tell what one of the maps might be based on its layout.

Keep reading below for more information on what this trailer revealed for MW2 multiplayer.

New Modern Warfare 2 trailer showcases fresh information

While the trailer is only five seconds long, it shows off several new details. The most obvious of these details are the five perks that appear on the screen. The three that appear on the right-hand side of the screen are, in descending order, Scavenger, Overkill, and Spotter.

All of these perks and their icons were the same in Modern Warfare 2019, so these are all but confirmed. Scavenger allows players to pick up ammo from dead enemies, Overkill lets players equip two primary weapons on their class, and Spotter makes enemy equipment visible through walls and highlights equipment on the ground.

As for the other two perks on the left-hand side of the screen, we know the far left one is High Alert. It has a new icon from MW2019 but it looks extremely similar to that game’s icon. As for the one next to High Alert that looks like a monitor, we aren’t sure what that is. These two perks are also attached to an icon above them, which appears to be the icon for the game mode Cranked.

In the trailer from this past weekend, two more perks were set up this same way and attached to the game mode Search and Destroy. We aren’t sure why perks are attached to game modes, but it’s likely part of a new perk system that’s been previously leaked.

Regarding Cranked specifically, this is a game mode that first appeared in COD Ghosts. The mode is basically Team Deathmatch, but players need to secure kills in order to move faster across the map. Once they get a kill, a timer appears and players need to get another kill within that time or else they’ll die.

As for other game modes seen in the trailer, we see Capture the Flag’s icon as well as the one for Ground War Bomb. We’re not sure how this game mode will work, but it will likely be another variant of MW2019’s Ground War.

Speaking of Ground War, it seems that one of the mode’s maps can be seen in the new trailer. A mini-map for a map is seen in the bottom right of the screen. This map appears to be quite large with a huge amount of water taking up around one-third of the map. Players can see the map’s layout in the bottom-right of the image above.

That’s all we can decipher from this new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer trailer. More will be announced throughout this week leading up to Call of Duty Next. Then, at COD Next, all will be revealed before the MW2 beta goes live on PlayStation.

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