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Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez is currently the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world.

The Mexican pro has been dominant for the past few years, often seen as the player to beat at every major. What makes MkLeo even more interesting to the Smash community is the characters he chooses to use in tournaments. While he has used top tier characters like Pyra & Mythra, MkLeo is most-known for his ability to make mid-tier characters look beyond OP.

Most recently, MkLeo took Byleth and made the slow character look like a powerhouse. Byleth has sluggish movements and attacks that often have them placed in mid-tier at best. They are seen as tough to master, although one upside is their great recovery. This didn’t deter MkLeo, however. He took Byleth and ran with it, using the average character to dominate almost every major he entered.

When the pro scene started getting used to Byleth’s tricks, many wondered if MkLeo would bring back Joker. This DLC character has been seen as good by the community, but nobody was able to really make Joker work like MkLeo did when the character first dropped. MkLeo brought Joker to new heights that couldn’t be matched and were never replicated.

But MkLeo refused to go back to Joker at the time, seeming a bit stubborn but also a bit determined. As he continued to play Aegis in tournaments, fans wondered if Mkleo would switch back to Byleth or another mid-tier instead of going with the top-tier sword duo. While there is no denying that MkLeo is one of the best Aegis players out there, it doesn’t have the same ring to it as when he crushes top players with someone considered “meh” beforehand.

Now it seems like MkLeo may be looking to switch off of Pyra & Mythra for an underdog once again. On Tuesday, MkLeo tweeted that he had been watching a lot of Smash 4 gameplay and decided he has to play Marth in Ultimate as well.

“He sucks now, but there [has] gotta be something I can do,” MkLeo said.

In a follow-up tweet, MkLeo said he’s focused on Aegis and Joker at the moment. The return of Joker is definitely welcomed, with many fans tweeting that they’d love to see Joker at Summit. While many were already pumped about Joker taking another Summit title, many pro players were quick to discuss Marth as well.

Other fans remembered MkLeo bringing up the idea of Marth in the past. But would this finally be the time that MkLeo actually played Marth in Ultimate? Only time will tell, but it seems like MkLeo may be focused on Joker for now.

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