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The inaugural Summit Countdown show concluded on Tuesday with four players being announced as the vote-ins for Smash Ultimate Summit 5, an upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitational hosted by Beyond the Summit.

The new voting system resulted in significantly less money coming in during the voting process. As a result, this invitational is poised to have the lowest prize pool of an offline event in Smash Summit history. Nevertheless, there’s still hype surrounding this coveted and iconic Smash major. Here’s an overview of the vote-ins who came out on top and are heading to Smash Ultimate Summit 5 in September.

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 vote-ins: Myran

Though often left in the shadows of players like Shuto “Shuton” Moriya and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, Robert “Myran” Herrin has been one of Ultimate’s strongest Olimar mains since the game launched in 2018. He peaked as No. 13 in the world on the Spring 2019 PGRU, but saw a notable dip in results subsequently.

However, Myran has been steadily rising up the ranks once again. He finished as No. 15 in North America on the PGRU v3, thanks to a consistent season where he placed in the top 16 of every major he entered. In the process, he beat players like Tyler “Marss” Martin, Nicholas “Ned” Dovel, Dylan “ApolloKage” J., Anik “Ikan” S., and Steven “Anathema” Acosta


Thanks to an assist from the Vörös twins, 17-year-old Canadian Wolf main Jayjay “Ouch” Basilian has become one of the Smash Ultimate Summit 5 vote-ins. This event will mark Ouch!?’s first American major since Genesis 7 in early 2020.

While he has long been recognized as a regional threat, Ouch!? had his international breakout at Battle of BC 4 in June. Though he was seeded 17th, he made a deep losers run to finish in third place. Along the way, Ouch!? upset Shuton, Michael “Riddles” Kim, Seisuke “Kome” Komeda and Jestise “MVD” Negron.


As one of the top players in Southern California, Richter main Dominic “T3 DOM” Carone is no slouch. During Ultimate’s online era, T3 DOM emerged as a top 25 player on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6, even though he entered a relatively small number of tournaments.

While he has yet to match that same success offline, he still boasts solid results at majors. Some of T3 DOM’s best performances this year include a 13th-place finish at Glitch: Infinite and a 17th-place finish at Double Down 2022. He has also defeated PGRU-ranked players like Jude “Jakal” Harris and Ned.


Ken main Christian “Jahzz0” Ramsay beat out ApolloKage in the race to become the last of the Smash Ultimate Summit 5 vote-ins. He is currently ranked sixth in Georgia, one of the most stacked sub-regions in all of the United States.

After a couple of weak showings at the beginning of the year, Jahzz0 has put up consistently strong results at recent majors and regionals. Most notably, he holds a commanding 3-0 record for the year over fellow Summit attendee, Myran.

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