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Survival is the name of the game in LEGO Fortnite, and to do that, you need to make sure you don’t starve to death. The game is full of edible items to keep your stomach full, but which foods give you the most health bars?

From farming animals to growing crops, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on food in LEGO Fortnite, but the game doesn’t give you a menu with all of it listed, and how much hunger it will replenish. That’s where we come in, as we’ve put together a list for you with everything you need to know.

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A LEGO Fortnite player looking at a Juicer, Grill, and Oven.
Let me cook. Screenshot via Upcomer

All LEGO Fortnite food and how much hunger it replenishes

There’s a lot of food in LEGO Fortnite. Some of it can be foraged, but some have to be created using recipes, either with an oven, a juicer, or a grill.

Base Food

FoodHealth Bars RegeneratedWhere to get it
RaspberriesTwo BarsGrasslands
SnowberriesTwo BarsFrostlands
SlapberriesTwo BarsShores
Spicy PeppersThree BarsDry Valleys
CornThree BarsGrasslands
MilkThree BarsBy petting a cow
EggThree BarsBy petting a chicken
PumpkinFive BarsGrasslands
MeatFive BarsBy killing a cow, sheep, chicken, or wolf

Grilled Food

FoodHealth Bars RegeneratedRecipe
Grilled MeetEight Bars1x Meat
Corn on the CobFive Bars1x Corn
Fried EggEight Bars2x Eggs
Spicy Burger10 Bars1x Flour, 1x Meat, 1x Spicy Pepper

Oven Food

FoodHealth Bars RegeneratedRecipe
Bread10 Bars2x Flour, 2x Eggs
Meat Pie20 Bars1x Flour, 1x Meat, 1x Egg
Fruit PieEight Bars1x Flour, 1x Raspberry, 3x Snow Berry, 3x Slap Berry
Pizza20 Bars2x Flour, 1x Meat, 3x Spicy Pepper, 1x Cheese


JuiceHealth Bars RegeneratedRecipe
Slap JuiceFive Bars2x Slap Berry
Slurp JuiceFive Bars2x Raspberry, 2x Slurp Mushrooms
Snowberry ShakeFive Bars2x Snow Berry, 1x Milk

Best food in LEGO Fortnite

For me, the best foods in LEGO Fortnite are Pumpkins and Grilled Meat.

Obviously, things like Meat Pie and Pizza give way more health bars when you eat them, but I find the inconvenience of having to find all the ingredients and then take it to the Oven a bit of a hassle. Pumpkins are found all over the Grasslands and can be chomped down easily, while you can get meat from any animal, including wolves which are going to attack you anyway.

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If I’m out and about and spot some berries, I’ll grab those and take them with me too, but I won’t go out of my way to collect loads of them. They’re just handy to keep my hunger topped up as I move.

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