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Last Epoch referral codes, explained

Give something back to the friend who introduced Last Epoch to you.

If you’re playing Last Epoch on day one then you’ve inevitably seen the droves of players begging for people to use their referral code. But if you’re new then you’re probably not in the loop as to what that means, but it’s okay.

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We’ve got all the information you need to learn about referral codes and even use them yourself to get some sweet free loot. Here’s everything that you need to know. 

What are referral codes in Last Epoch?

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Referral codes are an initiative created to reward players who get their friends into Last Epoch. Once you have friends redeem your code you’ll get a bee swarm pet, and it will increase in size the more referrals are used.

As you might expect, this is why you’ll see so many people advertising their referral code in the global chat.

How to enter a referral code in Last Epoch

Simply open the social menu by navigating to the menu dropdown at the bottom right of the HUD, or press H. 

From here select the middle tab titled “refer a friend” and then you will see a text box where you can enter a referral code at the top of your screen.

Enter your friend’s code and choose to confirm. That’s it!

How to share your referral code in Last Epoch

If you want to share your referral code then head to the same social menu by pressing H or navigating the main menu dropdown. From here choose to refer a friend and scroll to the bottom.

You will now see your referral code and to make things even easier you can press the copy code button to add it to your clipboard.

Now just send that to a friend with Last Epoch and have them enter it using the instructions above.

Last Epoch referral rewards

There is only one reward for referring people to play, however, it will grow bigger if you get between one and three people to use your referral code.

This is the Bee Pet. This swarm of bees starts at three bees with one single code redemption, but if you get three people to do it your swarm will grow to 11 bees. Pretty cool right?

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