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One of the many bugs that have plagued VALORANT players over the years is Error Code Val 59. This particular error message has to do specifically with the login queue of the game, which can be traced back to the Riot Games client and servers. Essentially, this bug is rarely the fault of the player and more lies on the shoulders of the game client itself. Still, if players are facing this issue and don’t know how to get around it, they’ll require help to get into VALORANT and begin playing.

Below, you can find some fixes to get past Error Code Val 59 and access VALORANT in its entirety.

Fixing Error Code Val 59

VAL 59 Error Code
Provided by Riot Games

This error code will mainly pop up when you try and hit the “Play” button on VALORANT’s lobby screen. The game will give you this error message and stifle your plans of hopping into a game. However, the rest of the game will work perfectly fine, which is confusing for players. Players will usually see the error after a major update in VALORANT. The update can leave the client in an unstable state shortly after launching.

At the time of writing, the primary fix for this issue is to simply restart VALORANT and try to hit “Play” again once you’ve booted back up. Since the issue is with the game’s login queue, a simple restart usually does the trick. However, if a restart didn’t work, then you might want to try and restart your entire computer. One of these two restarts should ultimately stop Error Code Val 59 from appearing as you’re trying to hop into a match.

If you’re still seeing the error code, though, you’ll want to check and see if the VALORANT servers are up and running. You can read about how to check the status of the servers in our previous guide. If the servers are working properly, then all you can really do is wait for the client to become more stable and let you play.

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