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One part towering grizzly and one part lovable oaf, Ursaluna is every bit as powerful as it is goofy in the main series Pokémon games. It was introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus as the evolved form of the already solid Ursaring.

Later, it made its way to Pokémon GO during a Community Day in November of 2022. Of course, Pokémon GO has a very different battle system from Pokémon Legends: Arceus or any other main series Pokémon game, so the utility of any given Pokémon can vary between games.

As a result, here’s what you need to know about whether Ursaluna is good in Pokémon GO.

Ursaluna’s stats and moveset

Ursaluna is a Ground/Normal-type Pokémon, giving it a set of four resistances and weaknesses. This bear Pokémon takes super effective damage from Fighting, Grass, Ice and Water, but takes not very effective damage from Electric, Ghost, Poison and Rock.

You can get Ursaluna by giving your Ursaring 100 Teddiursa Candies during an in-game full moon. It has slightly better stats than Ursaring in every category, boasting an Attack stat of 243, a Defense stat of 181 and an HP stat of 277.

For its Fast Attack, Ursaluna can learn either Tackle or Rock Smash, the former of which grants it a same-type attack bonus. Meanwhile, Ursaluna has a good mix of STAB and coverage moves at its disposal through its Charged Attacks in Pokémon GO.

This Pokémon can learn Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Aerial Ace as potential Charged Attacks. It also got High Horsepower during the Community Day event and it can still learn the move through an Elite TM. Finally, Ursaluna evolved from Shadow Ursaring will know Frustration or, if purified, Return.

Is Ursaluna good in Pokémon GO?

Ursaluna attacks Electivire with High Horsepower, which is a good STAB attack in Pokémon GO
Ursaluna uses a super effective High Horsepower against an enemy Electivire. | Provided by The Pokémon Company

All in all, Ursaluna is a good pick for battles in Pokémon GO. Its stats are quite high, falling only a little behind some legendary Pokémon in certain categories. Ursaluna also learns a wide array of coverage moves, giving you freedom to adapt its moveset to fit the needs of your team.

In particular, Ursaluna fares quite well in one-on-one battles in the Master League, where it ranks in the top 40 in overall usage as of May of 2023. It can out-damage several Pokémon in the format, with its STAB High Horsepower being particularly threatening to the likes of Excadrill and Metagross. In addition, it can carry Thunder Punch as a secondary Charged Attack to threaten massive damage against the likes of Lugia, Gyarados and Togekiss.

Overall, Tackle is Ursaluna’s best choice for a Charged Attack, as it deals slightly more damage per second than Rock Smash and also accrues slightly more energy per second. With enough energy, Ursaluna can dish out powerful STAB High Horsepowers or Returns while also reserving a slot for a coverage move in order to deal with whichever type of Pokémon is most pesky for your team.

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