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Is Sons of the Forest available on Steam Deck?

Perfect for non-foreboding camping trips.

Sons of the Forest is the much-awaited sequel to 2014’s immersive yet highly-terrifying survival hit. It offers more of the same, though with some notable changes, departures, and improvements in several departments.

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However, it’s still in early access, which means it might take a while before all intended features get implemented in the game. At the very least, fans and their friends should be happy to know that they don’t have to be in front of their PC to enjoy the new nightmare.

Can you play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck?

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Yes, you can play Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck!

The Day 1 version of the game is completely playable on the Steam Deck. However, the problem here is that it doesn’t quite run well on Steam’s pocket PC at the moment. Many players have reported FPS and stuttering issues even on the lowest settings. Expect to get around 24-30FPS on average.

To anyone who’s experiencing technical difficulties with Sons of the Forest on the Steam Deck, try turning the V-Sync setting in-game to 30 Hz. Members of the community discovered that doing so somehow makes the game run a little smoother. However, this might cause the Steam Deck itself to crash due to high RAM usage.

The crashing issue can be avoided by having CryoUtilities run in the background. This third-party app tweaks the Steam Deck’s inner workings to provide a smoother overall experience across most games. Take note that this is an unofficial solution from GitHub that could open up a completely new can of worms, so use it at your own risk.

Sons of the Forest is set to receive new updates every 14 days based on the countdown timer on the game’s main menu. Performance fixes and new gameplay features should be available once a new patch is released. For now, Steam Deck users who are suffering from performance problems will have to wait and see if Endnight delivers tangible improvements in the future.

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