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Fortnite has a ton of iconic characters already in the game, but there’s one that has remained a mystery and that’s Mickey Mouse.

Disney has shown its interest in Fortnite with a major investment in Epic Games giving them an ownership stake over the battle royale hit, which might leave you wondering, is the mouse about to drop in?

We all would love to see Mickey Mouse in action across the Fortnite island taking on other characters like Goku, The Rock, or even Ariana Grande, but just how realistic is that? Here’s what we currently know about the potential addition of Mickey Mouse in Fortnite.

Is Mickey Mouse in Fortnite?

Mickey Mouse Kingdom Hearts
Screenshot via Square Enix

No, right now there is no Mickey Mouse skin in Fortnite, but there’s always potential for him to arrive down the line.

Being the iconic mascot of Disney it would only make sense for the mouse to eventually join the Fortnite roster since the company has invested over one billion dollars into Epic Games, the hit game’s developer. However, perhaps the gunplay isn’t something that Disney wants to associate with Mickey Mouse.

It’s anyone’s guess whether or not we will ever see Mickey Mouse in Fortnite but you can bet that other Disney icons will be joining the battle royale in the coming years. Some of these additions have already been teased by leakers so they could be sooner than you think.

If we ever get Mickey, or an update that would lend more credence to his addition, this article will be updated so feel free to check back.