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One Piece
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Are One Piece skins really coming to Fortnite?

You might be disappointed.

Fortnite continues to bolster its roster of characters with icons from across entertainment, and as the selection grows so do the rumors. Most recently, One Piece has been the hot topic of the rumor mill.

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Anime collaborations have been some of the most popular in the history of Fortnite with other members of the big three already in the mix. Alongside these Dragon Ball and Naruto skins, Epic Games’ battle royale also has skins from new-aged hits like Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia.

With all of this, you’d think they’d be looking to collaborate with the most popular anime ever right? Well, here is everything to know about the rumored One Piece collaboration with Fortnite.

Is a One Piece x Fortnite collaboration happening?

Right now there is no official news that would suggest a One Piece collaboration is coming to Fortnite, however, leakers claim that it will be happening.

The XboxEra podcast has a history of reporting Fortnite leaks months or sometimes years before they happen, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles skins which were leaked well before they made their way into the game. Recently the podcast said that One Piece skins are coming, alongside a variety of other outfits from other franchises.

At the time of writing, this is the only information that would point toward a collaboration with anime happening. As mentioned before, nothing official has hinted at One Piece coming to Fortnite yet.

Despite the track record of these leakers, at this stage, the One Piece collaboration talk is just rumors, and even if Epic Games does have something planned, things can change at any point until it is finally announced. With this being the case we’d suggest fans of the anime refrain from getting too excited for the time being.

Once we have official news regarding the outcome of these One Piece and Fortnite rumors this article will be updated to give you the latest so feel free to check back. 

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