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Hazbin Hotel is an animated sleeper hit available on Amazon Prime, but due to recent developments it has found itself with serious ties to Fortnite.

The show that follows the story of Charlie, the princess of Hell who dreams of rehabilitating demons to reduce the population of her kingdom has inspired plenty of fan creations, one of which has made its way into Fortnite, leading to fans questioning. Is a full Hazbin Hotel collaboration on the way?

Is Hazbin Hotel collaborating with Fortnite?

There is now a Hazbin Hotel-inspired emote in Fortnite, but no further news has been shared that would suggest more collaborations coming to the game.

On Feb. 12 the Reaper’s Showtime emote was added to Fortnite which uses music from a fan-made song called Insane, by artist Black Gryph0n. This song is a tribute to the Hazbin Hotel character Alastor, which gets us to right now, where Fortnite finally has a nod to the show.

If you’re a Hazbin Hotel fan it might be time to cool your jets, as while this is a nice addition, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be getting anything further. However, it is always possible. Fortnite is regularly adding more characters from popular shows to its roster, and with a full season arriving last month, Hazbin Hotel is primed to appear.

Again, nothing official has been shared that would suggest this, so before getting too excited we suggest waiting for Epic Games or Prime Video to announce the collaboration themselves. For now, make sure you enjoy Reaper’s Showtime in your next game.