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The 2022 ALGS Champions tournament will be in Raleigh, North Carolina in July
The 2022 ALGS Champions tournament will be in Raleigh, North Carolina in July | Provided by ALGS

How to watch the ALGS Championship 2022

40 teams set to compete for a $2 million prize pool and chance to win ultimate event of ALGS Year 2

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship 2022 is the pinnacle of ALGS Year 2 for all professional Apex players. The tournament will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina from July 7 to 10. The ALGS Championship 2022 event boasts a $2 million prize pool for all 40 teams involved.

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Format for ALGS Championship 2022

ALGS Championship Teams
ALGS Championship teams| Image Provided by Respawn/EA

The ALGS Championship will kick off with a group stage on July 7 with the 40 teams divided into four groups of 10. All groups will take turns playing one another in a six-game series — at the end of the group stage, each team will have played 18 games in total. While there are no eliminations in the group stage, this stage will determine seeding going into the bracket stage.

The first ten teams with the highest score in the group stage will automatically be placed in round 2 of the winner’s bracket. The twenty teams after them will start in the winner’s bracket’s first round, while the ten teams in last begin in the losers bracket. The bracket stage will consist of two eight-game series in both the winners and losers brackets. The top ten teams from the winner’s bracket will advance to the finals, while the other 10 will fall to the losers bracket. From here, only the top 10 teams will advance to the next round of the losers bracket; the rest will be eliminated.

Grand Final

Round two of the losers bracket is the final portion of the bracket stage, and will determine the last ten teams that will qualify for the finals. The ALGS Championship 2022 finals will feature the top twenty teams with no match limits. Once a team attains 50 points in the finals, they become match point eligible. Whichever team wins a match after reaching match point eligibility wins the tournament. This format makes it possible for any team to take the victory, as it requires not only 50 points, but a match win afterwards.

Teams participating in ALGS Championship

Reignite Cloud9 SCARZ FOR7
esports team aD Team UNITE REJECT Optic Gaming
Team Empire Luminosity Gaming Suave Alliance
100 Thieves GMT Esports Team Liquid TSM
Acend Team Singularity NRG Team Burger
FENNEL Element 6 BAKAGAKI Dream Fire
Spacestation Gaming Elev8 Entertainment GØDFIRE Detonation Gaming
Lightning Unicorn FURIA Esports Sutoraiku ORTHROS FANG
Crazy Raccoon Fenix Team EXO Clan Invictus Gaming International

How to watch

ALGS Championship schedule
Tournament schedule| Image provided by Respawn/EA

The ALGS Championship 2022 will be live on the official Twitch and YouTube channels. Additionally, the championship broadcast talent includes a mix of Apex personalities from different regions such as Mark “Onset” Hatcher and Kate Yeager. Other members of the broadcast team include:

  • Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos
  • Victoria “VikkiKitty” Perez
  • Evan “Raynday” Byron Rayn
  • Dan Gaskin
  • James Bardolph
  • Tom “Tsquared” Taylor
  • Kale “Genome” Morton
  • Lauren “Glitter” Laracuente
  • Jack “Nicewigg” Martin
  • Athanasios “MrGreekGod” Alestas

Prize Pool

The $2 million prize pool will be divided among all 40 teams, with the winner taking $500,000. All other teams in the ALGS Championship 2022 will share the remaining prize pool as follows:

2nd $300,000
3rd $200,00
4th $160,000
5th $120,000
6th $90,000
7th $72,000
8th $60,000
9th $48,000
10th $36,000
11-15th $24,000
16-2oth $18,000
21-25th $12,00
26-30th $10,200
31-4oth $9,000
Apex predator(player with most kills) $3,000


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