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If you thought giving Pals guns was a questionable gameplay addition for Palworld, well the Meat Cleaver is going to be quite the moral conundrum for you.

This tool can be used to mine resources from your Pals, but as you’d expect it’s going to kill them in the process. Yes, it’s that grim, but there are reasons to do this, especially if you’re desperate for specific resources. So really it does make sense for the game despite how sad it might seem.

Fortunately, you can use this feature from an early point in the game. If you’re ready to take the plunge and say goodbye to some of your Pals here is how you can use the butcher feature in Palworld.

How to use the Meat Cleaver and butcher Pals in Palworld

Interact wheel in Palworld
It’s time. Screenshot by Upcomer

Butchering your Pals is very simple, but you’ll need the right equipment. You must have a Meat Cleaver to use the butcher mechanic.

You can unlock the Meat Cleaver from the technology upgrades menu at Level 12, once unlocked crafting will require a Work Bench and five ingots, 20 wood, and 20 stone. You shouldn’t have too much trouble getting those resources as they’re found in abundance right from the start.

Now that you have the Meat Cleaver simply choose the Pal you want to butcher and add them to your party. Toss them out into the work and then press R3, or whatever the PC equivalent is to interact with your Pal.

At the top of the wheel you will see a new option, Butcher Pal, select this. When selected your character will begin hacking away at the creature, but fortunately, it is blurred so that you don’t have to see anything too graphic.

Once complete you can drown your sadness in the resources that the deceased Pal has dropped.