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Though the game has only been widely available in open beta for less than a week, MultiVersus is already receiving a steady stream of new content. The eponymous stars of “Rick and Morty” will join the fray in the near future, with Morty entering the game on August 9 and Rick coming sometime later in Season 1. In addition, the Cromulons stage from the show is on its way to MultiVersus.

However, this brand new “Rick and Morty” stage may make its way to MultiVersus before either character is officially in the game. Here’s everything players need to know about unlocking the Cromulons stage from “Rick and Morty” in MultiVersus.

Cromulons Community Challenge

Technically, a given individual player doesn’t need to do anything to gain access to Cromulons in MultiVersus; the player base as a whole must work together to unlock it through the Cromulons Community Challenge. While leakers unveiled this challenge earlier in the week, it officially started in game on Friday.

As part of this challenge, every MultiVersus player will unlock this stage after the community collectively secures 10 million ringouts. While the 10 million ringout threshold may be daunting, it shouldn’t take too long for the stage to become available given the record-breaking size of the MultiVersus player base.

More about Cromulons in MultiVersus

Footage of Cromulons was briefly shown during the LeBron James MultiVersus reveal trailer from San Diego Comic-Con. However, the new image of the stage confirms that raised platforms appear on both sides of the stage. These platforms can presumably break apart or otherwise disappear over the course of a match.

Fittingly, many Cromulons from “Rick and Morty” appear in the background of this stage. In the show, Cromulons are multi-colored, planet-sized deities with human faces. Once the Cromulons Community Challenge is complete, every player will get to experience this stage in its fullness.

Although no footage of Morty is currently available, leakers have already revealed Rick’s gameplay, perks and variants. Over the next month or so, fans of “Rick and Morty” should gain access to a breadth of new content from the show in MultiVersus.