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The MultiVersus open beta is available in early access, meaning a large number of players are getting their hands on Warner Bros.’ take on the platform fighting game. Although there are a number of characteristics that will feel familiar to veterans of the genre, MultiVersus also comes with its own set of unique additions.

One such feature is the addition of a mechanic called toasting. Here’s everything players need to know about how to toast another player in MultiVersus.

Where to obtain toast in MultiVersus

The Collecton page in MultiVersus
Players can view all of the unlockables in MultiVersus in the “Collection” menu. | Provided by Player First Games

On the left tab of the main menu, there is a section called “Collection.” Here, players can view fighters, cosmetics and other things they have already unlocked. In addition, this is where players can spend Gold or Gleamium in order to acquire new unlockables.

In the top-right corner of this page, there is a button players can click in order to obtain more toast in MultiVersus. Next to the button, it will tell players how much toast they currently have available, allowing them to gauge whether they need to buy more. If the player decides they need some, they can then spend 350 Gold on a batch of 10 pieces of toast.

In addition, players can unlock more toast through the Preseason Battle Pass. Players will receive five pieces of toast after completing Tier 4 of the free battle pass, and 10 pieces of toast after both Tier 6 and Tier 12 of the premium battle pass.

How to toast another player

Harley Quinn celebrates a victory over Finn in MultiVersus
Players can only toast an opponent after a best-of-three set. | Provided by Player First Games

Players will not actually have the option to toast someone else after a single game in MultiVersus. Rather, they will have to play out a full best-of-three set. Afterward, a screen will pop up that depicts the winner and loser of the set. There, they will have the option to give toast to the opponent by clicking a button above the opponent’s character.

The effect of toasting in MultiVersus is fairly small, as toasting another player only results in them receiving 25 Gold. Nevertheless, it is a sign of good sportsmanship after a match. In addition, players must toast someone else as part of the game’s starter missions. Players have to complete all of the starter missions before they can start working on the battle pass, so it is in every player’s best interest to learn how to toast as quickly as possible.

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