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Yordles have long been a fan favorite in Teamfight Tactics, and their addition in Set 6 was no exception. In early Set 6, Yordles were rarely the most conventionally strong composition. They were generally used early to gain economy, but stacking six Yordles and going for the elusive Veigar was almost never the best decision in high ranked TFT. That all changes with Set 6.5 Yordles.

In 6.5, Yordles combine fun with a viable, strong comp that’s nice and easy to learn. There’s a couple small nuances but, for the most part, this is a team that you can put together with little to no experience.

Early to mid-game Yordles

TFT 6.5 Yordles
This is an example of an early-game Yordles board. | Provided by LoLCHESS.GG team builder

In Yordles, your primary carry will be Corki, a new addition in Set 6.5. Because one of Corki’s best items is a Blue Buff, you will want to try and pick up a Tear of the Goddess on the first carousel.

The first PvE rounds are crucial for Yordles because getting the three-trait active as soon as possible is an absolute must. Pick up Ziggs, Lulu, Corki, Poppy or any other Yordle early so you can start farming even more units at the start of every round. Throughout the entire game, make sure you have three Yordles on your board. This will give you the best chance of finding more Corki’s.

As soon as you find your first Corki, you can start loading items onto him. His best-in-slot is somewhat flexible, but will generally follow the pattern of Blue Buff and two strong damage items. The pairing of Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet is powerful, as is a Giant Slayer depending on the lobby.

The early and mid-game will be centered around how fast you can hit a 2-Star Corki to help stabilize your board. You’ll want to play him with two or more strong Yordles like Vex or Gnar, fitting in six Yordles as soon as possible. Unlike previous iterations of Yordles, it’s not completely necessary to 3-Star every Yordle on your board. While it’s nice to get some Veigars to secure your late-game, Corki is perfectly capable of carrying on his own. With that said, Corki is the only crucial 3-Star, with others like Lulu, Vex and Gnar as added bonuses.

You’ll also want to fit in 2 or 3 Twinshot so that your Corki can pack more of a punch.

Final composition and positioning

Yordles TFT 6.5
This is an example of a capped Level 8 Yordles board. | Provided by LoLCHESS.GG team builder

The Yordle positioning is very straightforward. You’ll want to backline your Corki and give him solid protection from any threats. That means cornering a less important unit like Ziggs if you’re worried about an enemy Blitzcrank’s hook. Vex, Poppy and Gnar can all be frontline units. The Socialite hex can be used well by Corki, Gnar or Vex, although it’s not worth compromising position if it’s in a bad spot like the middle of the board.

Once you have your Corki items, the next most important unit to itemize will be your tank. Outside of Corki, Vex or Gnar are the most important Yordles to 3-Star. Doing so will allow you to stack tank items on them so that you have a serviceable frontline to protect your Corki. If you do end up going the route of 3-Starring every Yordle, you’ll eventually want to collect Veigar items as well.

It’s important to note, for both versions of the Yordle comp, that re-rolling on Level 5 to hit the 3-Star one-cost Yordles — Ziggs and Poppy — ASAP will let you start getting higher cost Yordles from the portal at the start of the round. This will hopefully allow you to 3-Star Corki and Vex/Gnar even faster.

If you’re able to reach Level 8, the above image shows what a perfect Yordle board looks like. A 2-Star Jinx and/or Veigar will put the comp over the edge, and often ensure that you get that first and win the entire lobby.


Three-starring your units gives Yordles a lot of extra health and tankiness. That said, the comp is meant for faster fights as your Corki shreds through the enemy. Ideal augments are things like So Small, Twinshot Heart/Soul and Sharpshooter. Economy augments won’t be too important because the Yordle 3-trait will be providing many of your units. Re-roll augments like Golden Ticket are incredibly potent.

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