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The Finals is a multiplayer game that’s meant to be played with friends, with squads rushing through toppling buildings to get the most cash in a chaotic match. Here’s how to invite friends in The Finals for your next grind.

How to invite friends in The Finals

Do you want to play some games with friends? Here’s how to get friends into your lobby:

  1. Head to the main menu
  2. Select “Invite to Party”
  3. Type in your friend’s Embark ID, click “Add Friend”
  4. You’ll see a yellow plus (+) next to their name once added
  5. Click on the + to invite them

Issues inviting friends in The Finals

Unfortunately there have been some issues with inviting friends and queueing up in The Finals. A recent update has left the game with massive bugs.

If your friend has The Finals, they will often appear by default on the right of the screen while online. But you may not be able to see them or find them if they haven’t connected their IDs to their Embark account.

You can also check if your crossplay is turned on. Head to Settings in the top right corner of the screen and check if crossplay is turned on in the “Network” tab.