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Although the early meta in TFT Set 7.5 looks pretty similar to Set 7, there’s one team composition that’s providing a little variety: Darkflight Cannoneers. Darkflight is a new trait that’s come with TFT Set 7.5, pairing well with Assassins and Cannoneers. The Cannoneer option in particular has the ability to be one of the best comps in the game. Here’s how to play it.

Early/Mid Game

The most important part of this Darkflight comp is the item that is placed on the sacrificial unit (and is spread to the other Darkflight units.) That item should be a Zeke’s Herald. Although there are other good Darkflight item options, Zeke’s is the best for Cannoneers.

That said, on opening carousel B.F. Sword and Recurve Bow are both good options.

There are two main ways to play to Darkflight Cannoneers. First, you can re-roll Aphelios to try and hit a 3-star. Second, you can push levels and instead focus on itemizing Graves. You’ll want to pick the variation you prefer early because it will change the way you play. If you’re aiming for Aphelios, you’ll want to re-roll gold on Level 6 to try and find Aphelios 3. To play Graves, try to hit Level 8 and find Graves 2 (you’ll want to do this eventually in the Aphelios comp as well.)

In the early game, you can itemize any Cannoneers you want, you don’t have to limit yourself to Aphelios. An early Senna 2 makes a good carry option for the early game. In the mid-game, you’ll want to pivot to Aphelios or a Graves carry.

For items, make sure you get Zeke’s and then focus on building any strong Cannoneer items. They vary slightly between Graves and Aphelios, but Quicksilver and Guinsoo’s Rageblade are great on both units. Deathblade is strong on Aphelios and Bloodthirster (or another healing item) is crucial for Graves.

Your best unit to put the Zeke’s on and sacrifice is going to be Sejuani. Remember, you don’t need to 2-star Sej — she’s going to be be sacrificed anyways.

Late Game

Late game Darkflight Cannoneers has a couple small variations that depend on augments, items and the state of the game. Pictured below is a very common and easily built version of the late game comp.

darkflight cannoneers
An example of a Level 8 Darkflight Cannoneers comp. | Provided by lolchess.gg.

If you’re able to get a Darkflight or Cannoneer emblem, it will make it easier to fit in other traits like 4 Cannoneers.

The most important part of Darkflight Cannoneers is the positioning. You’ll want to capitalize on the fact that every Darkflight unit will gain the Zeke’s Herald by ensuring that your carry (Graves or Aphelios) is benefitting from one Zeke’s on either side of them. You can solo frontline Hecarim with tank items like Sunfire Cape and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate.

Once your carry is itemized, you can start finding extra items for other units like Tyrant Swain, who uses Ability Power and Tank Items.

In the late game, you’ll see the full power of Darkflight Cannoneers as Graves or Aphelios reaches a high Attack Speed thanks to the Zeke’s Heralds. They’ll often melt through the enemy team comp in only a few seconds.


There are tons of strong options for augments in Darkflight Cannoneer. Any augment that gives Attack Damage or healing will be somewhat valuable. That said, nothing compares to the Cannoneer augments like Hot Shot and Ricochet. Cannoneer Crest and Darkflight Crest are also solid choices.

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