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When you’re playing any form of a squad playlist in Fortnite, communication is going to be one of the best weapons in your arsenal. Whether it’s duos or trios, you will need to communicate with your teammate(s) if you want the best chance to be the last team standing. Of course, if you’re on a call or actively speaking with your teammates, you’ll be able to communicate fairly well. However, even if you are talking with your teammates in real-time, you’ll still want to take advantage of other methods in Fortnite. Perhaps the easiest non-verbal form of communication in Fortnite is the ability to mark enemies.

Marking enemies can be done through the pinging system in Fortnite. This system has been around for quite some time and has become a staple in most popular battle royale titles. In addition to marking enemies, you can also mark weapons, healing items, and any location on the map. If you want to learn how to take full advantage of this mechanic in Fortnite, check out the guide below.

Mark enemies in Fortnite

Fortnite mark enemies
Provided by Epic Games

The first form of pinging in Fortnite can be done with a single press of the middle mouse button or pressing left on the D-Pad. This will mark any item or random location on the map with a white marker.

If you want to mark an enemy, then you need to double-tap your input. This will make your marker red, and usually signifies that an enemy is near you. If you manage to get the mark right on an enemy, it will mark them with the red ping. You can also drop a red marker by aiming down your sights and pinging an area or enemy.

Additionally, you can also take advantage of marking enemies without the pinging system. In Chapter 4 Season 1, Augments were introduced, and one of them is called the “Falcon Scout.” This allows players to fly a falcon around the map and mark enemies with a bird call. When you mark an enemy, it will show your teammates their precise location.

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