How to kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest
Sharks Sons of the Forest
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How to kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Sharks are waiting for you in the most random of places

Sharks are one of the deadlier predators that you will encounter in Sons of the Forest. While they’re not nearly as plentiful as the mutants that inhabit the island you crashed on, they can still kill you within seconds if you’re not careful. As such, players have pondered if they are able to actually kill these sharks in Sons of the Forest, as they can be quite the nuisance.

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Luckily for players not found of the kings of the ocean, you are able to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest. However, this requires a certain kind of weapon and you to know the exact location of the sharks in the game. Below, you can find all of the details you will need to complete this lethal endeavor.

Killing Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest
Provided by Endnight Games

First and foremost, there are only two known sharks in the entire game. One is in a cave pool that’s right near where you get the Rebreather and the other is out in the middle of the ocean. You will likely run into both of these sharks, but you will really only want to focus on killing the one in the ocean. The shark by the Rebreather is no threat unless you keep going back to that cave.

If you want to kill either shark, though, you will need some kind of gun. The basic pistol works well for this, as it has solid range and damage. Unfortunately, you need to swim out into the ocean to acquire the pistol, which is exactly where the shark is lurking. When trying to get the pistol, you will need to swim to a lifeboat in the ocean. If you manage to reach it successfully, then you can equip the pistol that’s found inside.

From here, you can attempt to take aim at the shark that’s likely swimming nearby. If it’s not there, simply wait for it to swim by. Once you see the shark, take aim and start shooting your pistol at it. With enough shots, the shark will die and you can swim back to the island without any threat of being harmed.

The ocean just got safer and you have to worry about one less creature that wants to kill you in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest help, you can read our previous guide on how to get the Maintenance Key Card or how the autosave function works.

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