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Earlier this month in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, there was a free code you could enter into the Redemptions page on Activision’s website. This code rewarded players with hours of Double XP, cosmetics, and the Lightning Rod weapon blueprint in MW3.

However, it was not specified what weapon the Lightning Rod blueprint was for. This paired with the fact there are over 100 weapons in MW3 has confused me and many other players, as sifting through all of the guns in the game is not an enjoyable task. If you want to see how to find and start using the Lightning Rod blueprint in MW3, check out the guide below.

Using the Lightning Rod blueprint in MW3

For starters, if you didn’t redeem the code that contained the You Dropped This weapon camo in MW3, then you are no longer eligible to earn the Lightning Rod blueprint. The code was a limited-time offer and has since expired, meaning all of its rewards are no longer available.

Those of you who did redeem the code, however, can begin using the Lightning Rod blueprint once you know what weapon it is for. Strangely enough, the Lightning Rod blueprint is for the Kastov-74u. It’s strange because this was a promotion for MW3 but features a reward for a gun from MW2. In any case, you can find the blueprint by going into your loadouts menu, selecting the Kastov-74u near the very end of the assault rifles list, and picking the Lightning Rod blueprint.

Image via Activision

The blueprint comes with all five attachment slots filled and a unique pink, purple, and light blue color scheme with streaks of lightning all over the weapon. As always, if you start changing attachments on the blueprint, the aesthetics will also change on the gun. This is the only form of the Lightning Rod blueprint, so you have to use the Kastov-74u in MW3 if you want to see the blueprint in action.