How to get the You Dropped This camo in MW3
How to get the You Dropped This camo in MW3
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How to get the You Dropped This camo in MW3

A camo fit for a king or queen

There are tons of brand new camos available to earn in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but one of them is exclusive to players who redeem a certain code. That camo is called “You Dropped This,” and it can be equipped on any weapon in MW3.

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The only way to obtain the You Dropped This camo is to redeem a code on Call of Duty’s Redemptions page. The code also comes with several other rewards for use in either MW3 multiplayer or Zombies. The best part about this code was unlike other codes in Call of Duty, it could be redeemed by any player.

However, the code does come with some caveats, which will affect your ability to earn the You Dropped This camo and the other rewards. Check out the guide below to see if you are able to earn the rewards or not.

Getting the You Dropped This camo in MW3

As previously stated, the You Dropped This camo could only be earned through redeeming a code. This code was active for a few hours during the afternoon of Nov. 15, 2023.

Unfortunately, after a window of a few hours passed, the code was deactivated, meaning nobody could redeem the code anymore. For reference, the code was: “559Q-RXGN4-JZPP” and could be redeemed on the COD Redemptions page. If you try to enter that code now, though, you will not receive any rewards.

If you did manage to redeem the code when it was active, then you will have the You Dropped This camo on whatever account you were logged into at the time you redeemed the code. To equip the camo, go into the camos menu for any weapon in MW3 and view the “Special Camos” category. Here, you will see a black and yellow with crowns all over it, which is the You Dropped This camo.

The You Dropped This camo. Screenshot via Upcomer

Along with the You Dropped This camo, here are the other rewards you could earn from the code:

  • 4 Hours of Double XP
  • 4 Hours of Double Weapon XP
  • Lighting Rod Weapon Blueprint
  • Grab the Popcorn Calling Card
  • WSOW War Track
  • Double Digits Emblem

It’s possible Activision will drop more codes in the future, so I recommend staying tuned to social media accounts such as CharlieIntel, which will announce the codes as they become active.

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