How to get the JAK BFB muzzle in MW3
How to get the JAK BFB muzzle in MW3
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How to get the JAK BFB muzzle in MW3

One of the best muzzles you can use in multiplayer

Season 1 Reloaded introduced a plethora of content in Call of Duty MW3, but one new item that might have gone under the radar is the JAK BFB muzzle. This muzzle is an Aftermarket Part that significantly improves your recoil control and accuracy at the cost of mobility.

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Naturally, any fans of long-range weapons will likely look to equip the JAK BFB on their weapons as quickly as possible. However, there’s a slight trick to unlocking the JAK BFB, as it’s not unlocked like most other Aftermarket Parts in multiplayer. Instead, you’ll have to complete a specific challenge, which is somewhat hidden in the UI of MW3.

To see exactly how to unlock the JAK BFB in MW3, keep reading my guide below.

Unlocking the JAK BFB in MW3

You can see the challenge to unlock the JAK BFB by going to the Battle Pass tab in MW3 or Warzone and clicking on the A21 sector. This was the previously “Classified” sector of the pass and is located on the left-hand side of the map. To have access to this tab on the pass, you need to have completed one of the tiers around it. If you haven’t, you won’t be able to unlock any of its content.

If you click on the A21 sector, which has the new HRM-9 SMG on it, you will see five tiers of content. The second tier in the sector is the JAK BFB muzzle, which has the “AMP” name labeled on it. If you hover over the JAK BFB’s tab, you can see the challenge required to unlock it in the top-left part of the screen. To make it easier, though, I have written out the challenge below:

  • Kill 10 Operators or Special Zombies with Hipfire Kills using SMGs
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As you can see, this challenge can be completed in multiplayer or Zombies. All you need is 10 hipfire kills on enemies in multiplayer or the same number against Special Zombies. I recommend going into multiplayer for this challenge, as it’s far easier, but it’s up to you.

Once you complete the challenge, the JAK BFB muzzle will become unlocked in the Gunsmith and you can equip it on any compatible gun. As a note, some weapons won’t have access to the JAK BFB muzzle, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your loadouts.

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Aftermarket Parts are also banned in Ranked Play, so you won’t be able to use the JAK BFB muzzle in that mode either. I suggest checking out my gun loadouts for the MCW and Rival-9 to get you started in MW3 Ranked Play.

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