How to get the Apex Legends Electric Royalty Bundle for free
The Prime Gaming page for the Apex Legends Electric Royalty Bundle
Provided by Prime Gaming

How to get the Apex Legends Electric Royalty Bundle for free

Connect your Prime Gaming and EA accounts for free loot drops

Apex Legends fans can get a ton of free in-game extras, like the Wattson-centric Electric Royalty Bundle, just by connecting their Amazon Prime accounts to their Apex accounts.

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How to get the Apex Legends Electric Royalty Bundle for free

To get the Electric Royalty Bundle in Apex Legends free of charge, players need to connect their Apex Legends and Amazon Prime accounts. This is a pretty easy process:

Provided by Prime Gaming
  • Go to the Apex Legends Prime Gaming site and click “Claim Now” on the Electric Royalty Bundle.
  • In the window that pops up, make sure the Amazon account you want connected with Apex Legends is the one displayed. If it’s not, click the “switch Amazon account” button to select the correct account. Press confirm once you have the right account selected. Note that you do need an Amazon Prime account for this to work.
  • Next, the Prime Gaming site will prompt you to go to the EA page. Once you navigate there, Amazon will have you sign into your account to give EA permission to connect with your account.
  • Choose the yellow “Allow” button, then sign into your EA account. Once you do, the two accounts will be connected. The next time you log into Apex Legends, the loot will be available for you to use.

What comes in the bundle

This Wattson-themed bundle includes three items: The Electric Royalty Wattson Legendary Character skin, the Ornate Orchid Volt SMG skin and the Shocking Portrait Wattson Banner Frame. Play Wattson in style and stunt on the other players when you take the W with this bundle.

Fans looking to unlock even more Apex Legends cosmetic content can check out the Monsters Within Event, which runs until November 2. To celebrate scary season, players have access to a whole new rewards track, haunting skins for multiple Legends, and the unnerving Shadow Royale limited-time mode.