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How to get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded
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How to get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

Shroud Wood is a common ingredient required for a plethora of crafting recipes in Enshrouded. During the early game, though, you likely have little idea of how to get your hands on this specific material.

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While regular wood is an extremely ordinary material in Enshrouded, the shroud version is far less common to find during your travels. Luckily, if you know where to look, Shroud Wood can be farmed in large numbers in Enshrouded. You can see exactly how to add Shroud Wood to your inventory by reading the guide below.

Finding Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

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As the name of the material suggests, Shroud Wood is only acquired by delving into the Shroud areas of Embervale. More specifically, you need to chop down trees in the Shroud to acquire Shroud Wood. Luckily, you don’t need any kind of special axe to chop down these kinds of trees, so you can head in there with any regular axe and successfully acquire the wood.

When you’re in the Shroud, make sure you’re chopping down trees fully inside the area, as a tree just outside of it won’t give you the material you’re looking for. You also want to ensure you keep a mindful eye on your surroundings, as enemies can quickly approach you from behind and deal some significant damage.

If you’re in the early game of Enshrouded, there are a couple of Shroud areas you can easily visit to get Shroud Wood. One is right by where it’s recommended to build your first base while another is below the bridge on the path you take to reach the first Survivor. But as you progress through the map, more and more Shroud areas will start to appear, so you don’t have to worry about not having access to one.

I recommend building Flame Altars, which establishes a base, near some of the larger Shroud areas so you can have a quick fast travel point to them.

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