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There’s something incredibly relaxing about sitting back and watching pixelated fish float through your virtual aquarium. For the most beautiful tank though, you’ll need rainbow fish, and we know how to get them in Chillquarium.

Chillquarium is an incredibly chill ideal game, where you can buy fish for your tank, and watch them grow. You can then either keep them in your tank or sell them to buy new, more exotic ones to level up your experience.

One of the rarest fish you can get is the rainbow fish, but the game doesn’t tell you how to add one to your tank in the early game. Here’s how you can get your hands on one.

What is a rainbow fish?

A rainbow fish is a rare version of any of the fish available in the game. They are special because of the rainbow color pattern on their scales, making them stand out from the rest. They are even rarer than goldfish, so if you find one, you’ve gotten very lucky.

A rainbow fish in Chillquarium, starting off pink before changing to a nice green.
Aren’t they cute? Image via Ben Reber

How to get a rainbow fish in Chillquarium

Unfortunately, there’s no special trick to getting a rainbow fish. You just have to keep buying and opening packs from the in-game shop and hope that you get one.

What are the odds of getting a rainbow fish in a pack in Chillquarium?

Rainbow fish are rare because you have just a 1/8,192 chance of getting one when you open a pack.

Thankfully, developer Ben Reber has introduced a “mercy timer”, meaning that you are guaranteed to get at least one rainbow fish for every 16,384 you add to your tank. That’s definitely a lot of fish, but at least you know you’re sure to get one eventually.