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One of the more annoying aspects of Call of Duty DMZ is trying to exfil at a dedicated extraction location and getting ambushed by an enemy team waiting for you. There’s little you can do to stop this from happening, as some enemies will wait at an extraction spot for hours just to eliminate other players.

It seems the developers have taken note of this problem, and they finally did something about it in Season 3. Enter Private Exfils, which allow players to exfil at an inactive extraction point in DMZ.

The point of the Private Exfil is to allow players to have a better chance at avoiding enemy teams who are sitting on the currently active extraction points. While players can still be killed before their exfil chopper arrives, this is a much safer way to exfil out of a match.

Getting Private Exfils in DMZ

Mud Covered Cache key DMZ
Provided by Activision

In Season 3 of DMZ, Private Exfils are only located at Buy Stations on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. You will be able to buy the Private Exfils at any Buy Station and once you do, a location will be marked on your map. This location will be an inactive extraction point that will only be seen as active by you and your team.

This means that any enemies on the map will likely not be sitting on this location, as it’s an inactive extraction point for them. Enemies are not alerted when you purchase a Private Exfil either, so they’re not going to know when you are planning to visit the inactive location.

This is the second new way of extracting from a DMZ match, as players can also use the Heavy Chopper to exfil. However, players will need Heavy Chopper Fuel if they want to accomplish that goal.

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