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The Heavy Chopper is one of the fresh additions to Call of Duty DMZ, as it was added to the game in the Season 3 update.

While the Heavy Chopper was in Warzone 2 for a time, it has never been included in the extraction-based game mode. Unlike other vehicles in the game, the chopper can be used for purposes outside of just getting from place to place. Players can use it to exfil themselves and their team from the match without having to go to a dedicated extraction point.

However, in order to facilitate that process, players will need to ensure they stock up on Heavy Chopper fuel in DMZ.

Unfortunately, Heavy Chopper fuel is not something that can be readily accessed in DMZ. Instead, players will need to search the map and the surrounding area where the chopper spawned in order to find enough fuel to get across the map. Players won’t even be able to start the chopper if they don’t already have a fuel can ready to go.


Finding Heavy Chopper fuel in DMZ

The Heavy Chopper fuel cans are specific to it and it alone, so you won’t be able to use any other fuel on the chopper. To easily find some Heavy Chopper fuel, you first want to check the area around where the chopper spawned. If there is not any cans around the area, then you’ll need to go hunting for some.

The easiest location where we have found Heavy Chopper fuel so far is inside the train that goes around Al Mazrah. You will often find a few cans of the fuel sitting inside the train. Of course, you will need to get lucky in where the train is moving when you need to find fuel. If the train isn’t anywhere near the chopper spawn, then you will have to wait for it or find the fuel elsewhere.

As of now, we have not discovered any other concrete locations of the chopper fuel. However, as soon as we do, we will update this article with the new information.

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