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Call of Duty DMZ players received a huge dollop of content when Season 3 launched earlier today.

Not only is there a new Faction, but there are a plethora of fresh items and features that players can access. From Barter stations to Heavy Choppers to Skeleton Keys to Active Duty Operator slots, players won’t grow bored in DMZ anytime soon. However, there were also some stealthier changes to DMZ included in the update.

One of those changes is Cartel Soldiers, who have seemingly replaced the Shadow Company Soldiers on the Al Mazrah map in DMZ.

While players might not normally care about this, there are a few Faction missions in DMZ that now require players to find and kill Cartel Soldiers. These missions previously required players to find Shadow Company Soldiers, but they are now gone from the mission descriptions.

Find and kill Cartel Soldiers in DMZ

MW2 DMZ Cartel Investigation: How to complete

For this objective, players will want to drop into a match on Al Mazrah. Players will also want to be heavily armed with their best weapons, armor, and equipment, as the Cartel Soldiers can be quite plentiful in the select areas they are found on Al Mazrah.

Once players have dropped into a match, they will need to Hafid Port on Al Mazrah. This location is found on the far western side of the map, south of Al-Safwa Quarry and north of Al Samman Cemetery. This is the one location where we have been able to find Cartel Soldiers roaming in Al Mazrah. We and other players have been able to find the AI soldiers near the large boats docked at the location and in the surrounding areas.

It’s very likely that other locations on Al Mazrah also have some Cartel Soldiers. We will update this article if any further locations for the AI are discovered in DMZ.

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