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A phase exchanger successfully obtained after learning how to get Phase Exchangers in The First Descendant.
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How to get Phase Exchangers in The First Descendant

Need a weapons upgrade? Here's how to get Phase Exchangers in The First Descendant.

Phase Exchangers are useful for when you want to upgrade your weapon level, thereby increasing their DPS. It’s a great way to keep a gun you like without having to swap it out for something ill-suited to your playstyle, albeit more powerful.

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So if you’re looking for Phase Exchangers, here’s where to get some in The First Descendant.

Where to get Phase Exchangers

Anais, the NPC from The First Descendant from which players obtain Phase Exchangers.
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You can get Phase Exchangers by researching them at the NPC called Anais. You can find her in Albion in the Western part of the city. She is the same NPC where you unlock Bunny, the first new Descendant regardless of who you chose to start with. She also offers a host of other research options, and is one NPC you’ll be visiting a lot in The First Descendant.

Here’s her location on the map:

An arrow showing the location of Anais on a map, where the players can get Phase Exchangers in The First Descendant.
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Once you’ve assembled the required materials, every Phase Exchanger you research will cost 2500 Gold. Research takes two and a half minute per unit, so it’s best to save up and do them in bulk.

The Phase Exchanger research screen showing the player what is required to obtain Phase Exchangers.
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You’ll need Super Alloys in order to research Phase Exchangers though.

Where to find Super Alloys in The First Descendant

The only know places to find Super Alloys are currently by dismantling weapons which you’ll collect throughout the course of play. So simply play the game and keep dismantling any weapons you don’t need in order to obtain Super Alloys.

Super Alloys, the core component required to research Phase Exchangers.
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If you’re unsure how, check out how to clear out your inventory to also learn how to dismantle weapons in The First Descendant.

Where to get Precision Phase Exchangers

A Precision Phase Exchanger in The First Descendant, showing how to get one.
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You can research Precision Phase Exchangers at Anais, just like with the normal Phase Exchangers. However, these ones are a little more expensive, and require Liquid Metal and 50,000 Gold to research. You can get Liquid Metal from dismantling weapons you no longer need.

How to Use Phase Exchangers

If you have a low-level weapon, you’ll sacrifice a higher-level weapon in order to boost the first weapon’s level. So if you have a level one Thunder Cage, as I suspect most of you do, you can sacrifice a higher level weapon to make your Thunder Cage useful.

Simply go to the workbench in Albion, and choose the weapon you want to upgrade. Then choose the weapon you want to sacrifice. Then, for the price of a Phase Exchanger, you can level-up your weapon of choice.

Doing a weapon level transmission in The First Descendant to show how Phase Exchangers are used.
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Warning: Save Phase Exchangers for the best Weapons

Before you upgrade weapons, think twice. It takes a while to collect Phase Exchangers, and wasting them to create a lower-level weapon is not a smart play. Focus on playing the game and you’ll naturally get higher level weapons as you go. When you use a Phase

Only once you reach the end game will weapon upgrades truly be of value, so hold on to your Phase Exchangers for the early game.

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