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How to clear your inventory in The First Descendant

Wondering why you can’t pick up any more weapons in The First Descendant? It’s most likely because your inventory is packed full of arms that you can dismantle for resources in the game. That means knowing how to clear your inventory in The First Descendant, so let’s get that done.

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Can’t pick up items / Inventory is full

Arrow showing location of button used to clear inventory in The First Descendant.
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Navigate to your inventory by hitting I, then click on one of your weapons. Here you’ll find a list of weapons that you currently own. To clear some of these to make room for even better weapons, hover over a weapon you no longer want and hit the J key.

This will mark this weapon as junk. When you’re done marking all the weapons you no longer want, hold Ctrl to dismantle all of them at once. And that’s it. You’ll get some resources for your weapons but more importantly, you’ll free up space for better ones.

Do the same in your accessories, by clicking on your reactor or any of your external components. In this menu screen, you can also hit J to designate items as junk and then hold Ctrl to dismantle everything marked as junk.

The fastest way to clear your inventory

To clear your inventory in a few seconds, simply hold Shift, and then hold Ctrl. This will delete all of your weapons in the inventory, so do make sure there’s nothing you want to keep. The only weapons you won’t lose are the ones currently equipped.

Arrows showing location of mass clear inventory buttons in The First Descendant.
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You can use the same method to clear your reactor and external components inventory.

And that’s all there is to it. For more on The First Descendant, see how to rank up mastery.

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