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With the release of the latest expansion Lightfall in Destiny 2, some players have had issues with their annual pass. Here are some solutions to the Annual Pass issues that you can try quickly to get the content you should receive from it.

Ways the annual pass doesn’t work

To start, here’s a quick rundown of what could lead to these annual pass issues.

Destiny 2 Lightfall
Gameplay of Lightfall in Destiny 2. | Provided by Bungie.

Unfortunately, technical issues with the game or your console could lead to issues with the pass. Then, another possible reason is that there could be issues with purchasing the pass itself. In that case, it would revolve around your account or the way you bought it. Lastly, region and platform matter a lot, so make sure you bought the pass in the same region and on the same platform as what you play on now.

Quick ways to fix the Annual Pass for Destiny 2

Restart the game

The classic adage of “turn it on and off again” is the first way to try and fix annual pass issues. Restarting the game and reconnecting to the game’s servers could fix the issue.

Check for updates

Sometimes, something as simple as updating the game could fix annual pass issues. Make sure to look for updates on whatever console you’re playing Destiny 2 on. You can do that through either the console’s system or on Steam for PC players.

Clear your game cache

When it comes to weird issues in games, clearing temporary information from your games is a good way to fix it. On your respective consoles, clear your game cache and that could potentially fix issues in Destiny 2, including the Annual Pass.

If all else fails, contact Destiny 2 support or even your respective console’s support to figure out what the issue is.