How to fix Destiny 2 error code MARMOT
Destiny 2 MARMOT code
Provided by Bungie.

How to fix Destiny 2 error code MARMOT

This error revolves around corrupted Destiny 2 files

Out of all the possible error codes that could pop in Destiny 2, code MARMOT might be one of the most worrying and toughest to fix. An error that pops up when your game files are corrupted, here is how to fix that issue and clear out the error code MARMOT from Destiny 2.

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How to fix MARMOT error code on PC

To start, just know that clearing this issue is different on PC than it is on console, requiring a couple more steps. However, the goal is the same: to fix corrupted game files. Plus, there are three different ways to play Destiny 2 on PC, so here is a rundown of how do fix it on each. First, make sure the game is closed before doing any of these steps.


Here is how to fix this error on Steam, the most popular platform to play Destiny 2 on:

  • Right-click on Destiny 2 in your Steam Library to open up game options
  • Open Properties, and then go to the Local Files tab
  • Click the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ button
  • After that is done, restart Destiny 2

If the path above doesn’t work, there is another option that revolves around going into your game folders.

  • Follow the same path as above, but instead of clicking “Verify integrity,” click Browse
  • Delete everything except for the Packages folder
  • Then click the “Verify integrity of game files” button and redownload those files
  • Restart Destiny 2

If both options above don’t work, your best bet is to uninstall and reinstall Destiny 2 entirely.

Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store on PC

As for both the Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store, the path is different than Steam but the same for each other.

  • Right click on Destiny 2 in the library
  • Select “Manage”
  • Then select “Verify”
  • Restart Destiny 2

Just like for Steam, if the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall Destiny 2.

How to fix the MARMOT error code on consoles

As for consoles, you can’t edit game files as easily as you can on PC. So, uninstalling and reinstalling Destiny 2 might seem like the only option. However, clearing the game cache on consoles is the best option to try asides from a full reset.

Bungie themselves put a guide onto how to reset your console’s game cache, so just follow those steps. If even reinstalling the game leads to the same issue, you could have an issue with your hard drive. Make sure to look into all other options, but replacing the hard drive might be the only fix if it is corrupted.

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