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In the recent Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall, the latest subclass Strand introduced a lot of new combat abilities. Here is a rundown of all the new Keywords that Strand has in Destiny 2 Lightfall, and an explanation of each. If you’ve seen or played Lightfall, you’ve seen these abilities, but here is how to understand them once you get the subclass.

Strand brings many new Keywords in Destiny 2

As is standard in Destiny 2, Keywords correlate to unique abilities in-game. With the Strand subclass from Lightfall, here are the new Keywords you’ll spot.


To start, we have one of the most powerful Strand abilities: Suspend. Items with the Keyword Suspend will lift enemies up in the air in PvE, preventing them from attacking or moving at all. It applies to a majority of enemies, with only bosses unaffected, instead taking damage over time.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand
Strand suspending an enemy in Destiny 2. | Provided by Bungie.

It shifts in PvP, instead lifting enemies but not disabiling them the same way it would against enemies in PvE. It slows them temporarily, but they can still move and fire.


For this Keyword, once an enemy is Unraveled, hitting it with damage will lead to threads coming out of the target and hitting other enemies. Once hit with threads, those targets also become unraveled. This is an automatic version of poke damage, not doing a lot but adding up over time.


Last but not least, the Sever Keyword is pretty simple. A severed enemy does less damage while under the effects of Sever.

How to use these Keywords

When it comes to the Strand subclass, the abilities themselves will state which Keywords they have.

For example, for the Strand Titan, using your Barricade will shoot out a green Strand line towards a nearby enemy. All enemies hit by this line will be Suspended.

Make sure to not only read into your current Strand abilities to see which Keywords they have, but also look into other abilities in your Destiny 2 subclass to pick and choose which is best for you.