Where to find the Luna Hellmouth outcropping alcove in Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Hellmouth Alcove
Provided by Michael Czar.

Where to find the Luna Hellmouth outcropping alcove in Destiny 2

With plenty of secret spots across all playable zones in Destiny 2, here is where to find the Luna Hellmouth outcropping alcove on the Moon. This spot contains some easy loot to grab, as long as you don’t mind a bit of a trip from the spawn point and some enemies along the way.

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A hidden alcove on the moon

To start, spawn at the Sorrow’s Harbor zone in the Northern area of the Moon. There are two exits to this area, both to the south. Go to the southwest exit, as that will lead you toward the Hellmouth area in the center zone on the Moon.

Destiny 2 Hellmouth Alcove map
The map location for the Luna Hellmouth Outcropping alcove. | Provided by Michael Czar.

As you enter the Hellmouth area, you should see an open area with a path to both the left and right. In the middle will be a broken wall, as well as an underground entrance further past it. To find the alcove, go to that wall and drop down to the cave underneath. There will be some enemies to fight there, but as you walk deeper in, there will be what seems to be a green light in the cave wall.

The picture at the top of this article should be what you see, and that area is the alcove. Not only is there loot within, but there is a chance that loot can spawn near the opening of the cave, right beside the alcove as well.

In the previous Destiny 2 season, this Hellmouth alcove held some rarer loot. However, that has since passed and this alcove is now just a common but hidden loot location.

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