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The new season and new expansion Lightfall mark a new rotation of Grandmaster difficulty Nightfall maps in Destiny 2. Here are all the maps in the Grandmasters Nightfall rotation in Destiny 2, which will be rotating weekly until late May 2023.

All Grandmaster Nightfall maps for Destiny 2 Lightfall

Then, every week, the map for the Nightfall will rotate, including different buffs, debuffs and loot. These maps rotate seasonally, so even as Lightfall treks on, a new season will mark a new rotation. The previous season, the Season of the Seraph, its rotation ended just on Feb. 27, the day before Lightfall’s release.

This new Lightfall expansion marks the beginning of the newest season, the Season of Defiance. While the season is already underway, fans are going to have to wait until mid-April to try out these refreshed maps for Nightfall.

To start, we have the Grandmaster Nightfalls returning starting on Apr. 11, 2023.

Here is the list of maps from now until the week of May 16, 2023.

  • Apr. 11 – 17 =  Proving Grounds
  • Apr. 18 – 24 = Heist Battleground: Mars
  • Apr. 25 – May 1 = The Glassway
  • May 2 – 8 = The Arms Dealer
  • (NEW) May 9 – 15 = HyperNet Current
  • May 16 – 22 = Lake of Shadows

As shown in the list above, there is a new Nightfall mission coming by mid-May. HyperNet Current is a Lightfall-specific map set on Neptune that players can go through and get their loot in from May 9-15.

Destiny 2 Proving Grounds
The Proving Grounds strike in Destiny 2. | Provided by Bungie.

In terms of difficulty, all will have their own problems to overcome as a team. For example, we already know that the first map of Proving Grounds will have Barrier and Unstoppable Champions for players to face. Arc, Solar and Void shields will be common, with both Solar and Strand damage leaving burns.

Drops have yet to be announced for any of the Nightfall missions for this season.

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