How to find the Janitor's Safe Code in Dead Island 2
Janitor's Safe Code Dead Island 2
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How to find the Janitor’s Safe Code in Dead Island 2

You'll have to look in the right spot

The number of keys and codes that you are able to find in Dead Island 2 can be sometimes overwhelming. From random safes in an area to specific locked doors that you need to open for a main story mission, you will have no shortage of keys and lock combinations by the time your journey is through. However, some are tougher to find than others, and one of the harder codes to find in Dead Island 2 is the Janitor’s Safe Code.

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This code is required to open up a specific door in the Beverly Hills boiler room. You are looking for a man named Bob, who has the code to the gate that lets you out of the gas management facility in Beverly Hills. Bob has likely turned into a zombie, but he still has the code on him. Before you can reach him, though, you need the Janitor’s Safe Code to open up the boiler room door.

If you are struggling to find the Janitor’s Safe Code in Dead Island 2, keep reading the guide below.

Finding the Janitor’s Safe Code in Dead Island 2

When you get the objective to find this specific code, you will be inside of a small, dark room right outside of the boiler room. The game tasks you with finding the Janitor’s Safe Code, and your first instincts to locate it will be to search the room. However, if you have already searched the room and still need help, then all you need to do is look up.

Wedged between the pipes on the ceiling of the room, you will find the code on a slip of paper. The exact location of the code is seen in the screenshot below.

Janitor's Safe Code Dead Island 2
The location of the Janitor’s Safe Code, which we already picked up in this shot. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

Once you have the code, you can interact with the keypad, and you will gain access to the boiler room so you can find Bob in Dead Island 2.

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