How to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld
How to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld
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How to find and catch Helzephyr in Palworld

Hades reincarnated in Palworld

Helzephyr is one of the most intimidating and unique-looking Pals in the entire Paldeck. It’s a Dark-type that looks like it was inspired by Hades himself, and the Pal certainly has a Paldeck description to back that up. However, many players have been finding it difficult to capture Helzephyr in Palworld, as it’s not a Pal that you can find in many regions on the map.

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In this guide, I’ll go over all of the locations where you can find Helzephyr and the best way to go about catching it in Palworld.

Helzephyr location in Palworld and how to catch it

As with most Dark-types in Palworld, you can only find Helzephyr in the world when it’s nighttime out. This means you need to wait for the sun to go down and the moon to come out before you start seeing Helzephyr in the skies.

Once nighttime does arrive, you can find Helzephyr all over the central part of the map, as seen in the screenshot below:

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I was able to find my Helzephyr in the area directly north of the red-rock region, but any of the locations with the blue fog in the map screenshot will work. In most cases, you can find a Helzephyr alone in the sky at roughly level 25. It tends to travel by itself, so you shouldn’t have to deal with multiple of them at the same time when you go to catch one.

Speaking of catching Helzephyr, I recommend bringing some Giga Spheres if you want to speed the capture process along. However, Mega Spheres also work, but they tend to take longer even if you get Helzephyr to low HP.

Helzephyr’s stats in Palworld

As mentioned previously, Helzephyr is a Dark-type Pal, so they’re super effective against Neutral-types and weak against Dragon-types. To see the rest of Helzephyr’s stats in Palworld, look at the list below:

  • Type: Dark
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Death
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Level 3
  • Drops: Venom Gland, Medium Pal Soul
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As you can see, Helzephyr isn’t too strong of a base Pal, as its only Work Suitability is Transporting. However, in combat, Helzephyr is quite formidable and sports a high attack stat. It can also learn a variety of non-Dark-type attacks, making it versatile against several kinds of Pals.

If you’re looking for more Pals to round out your party, you can check out my previous guide on how to catch the Grass-type Broncherry in Palworld.

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