How to craft a storage chest in Enshrouded
How to craft a storage chest in Enshrouded
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How to craft a storage chest in Enshrouded

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When you first start your journey in Enshrouded, you have your hotbar inventory and a backpack to carry any items you find or craft. Aside from that, you have access to no additional storage. The only way to store more items in Enshrouded is to craft a storage chest, which doubles your total storage capacity.

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However, the game doesn’t necessarily explain how or where you can craft a storage chest, which can make the early stages of Enshrouded a little difficult. Luckily, I figured out exactly what you need to do and what resources you need to make a storage chest.

Crafting a storage chest in Enshrouded

For starters, you need to first make a Flame Altar and begin your first base in Enshrouded. This is the first objective in the game, so it won’t be too difficult, but I do have a guide on how to build the Flame Altar if you’re struggling. With that constructed, you can start to build additional essentials for your base, which includes a Workbench.

A Workbench is required to build certain objects. Screenshot via Upcomer

The Workbench in Enshrouded is built through the Crafting menu, which is accessed by pressing “V.” You can build a Workbench with the following resources:

  • x3 String
  • x8 Wood Logs

Both of those resources are extremely easy to get; String requires Plant Fibers to craft while Wood Logs are obtained by chopping down trees with an axe. Once you have the necessary resources, build a Workbench somewhere in your base.

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With the Workbench placed, go up to it and access the Workbench crafting menu. In the first tab of this menu, you will see a tab called “Survival.” Under this tab is a section called “Storage,” which can click to see two different storage options. The first is a Small Chest, which can hold the same amount of items as your backpack. The other is a larger chest, which holds even more items.

The Small Chest recipe. Screenshot via Upcomer

In the early going of Enshrouded, all you need is a Small Chest or two, which can be crafted with the following resources:

  • x6 Nails
  • x6 Wood Logs

Nails are an item mainly acquired through the first Sleeping Survivor, who is a Blacksmith. You need to find the Sleeping Survivor, which is the quest you get after building a Flame Altar, and summon them back at your base with a Summoning Staff. Once you do that, you gain access to the Blacksmith’s crafting menu by speaking to them, which allows you to make Nails using Metal Scraps.

After you get the right amount of Nails and Wood Logs, place a Small Chest down in your base and transfer any items from your backpack over to it. You now have an extra space to store items in Enshrouded, and you can craft as many as you need.

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