How to copy a Crosshair in VALORANT
How to Copy Crosshair in Valorant
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How to copy a Crosshair in VALORANT

Make another crosshair your own

Have you ever seen a unique crosshair that a teammate was using in VALORANT and wanted to use that for yourself? After all, it can be difficult to craft your own crosshair, especially one that will give you an advantage in a gunfight. While you might have thought it was impossible to copy another player’s crosshair in VALORANT, that’s not entirely the case.

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You can save up to 15 crosshairs in VALORANT, meaning you are able to have an entire inventory of crosshairs to pick from. Now all that’s left to do is save a certain crosshair that you see while in a match of VALORANT. Below, I will show you exactly how to do that so you never have to make your own crosshair again.

Copy a Crosshair in VALORANT

The ability to directly copy a teammate’s crosshair in VALORANT is actually quite simple. This only works if you are spectating the player you want to copy the crosshair from, though. Once you are spectating the teammate you want to copy from, you can follow the process below:

  • Press “Enter” to bring the chat box up
  • Type in “/crosshair copy” (without the quotations)
  • You can also type in “/cc”
  • Press Enter again to send the message through

This will make it so the crosshair you were spectating is saved to your crosshair settings. To see it, go into the settings menu of VALORANT, click on the Crosshair tab, and then view all of the saved crosshairs you have in the box on the page. You can select any of your saved crosshairs and when you next enter a match of Valorant, that crosshair will be in use.

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If you want to tinker with any of your saved crosshairs, you can do that as well by staying in the Crosshair menu after selecting the one you want. Remember, though, you can only copy crosshairs from your teammates, so if an enemy is really giving you fits, you won’t be able to steal their crosshair.

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