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How to complete the Trial of Elements in WoW Dragonflight

Here's how.

With an even bigger player base, thanks to its newest expansion, World of Warcraft remains as the game that keeps on giving. One of the most dependable sources of loot in WoW Dragonflight, the Trial of Elements is located in the subzone called Primalist Tomorrow.

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To complete this mission, head to its location and finish an event that rewards you with useful loot that’s one of the easiest to earn in the expansion. In this guide, we’ll detail all that you need to know on how to complete the Trial of Elements in WoW Dragonflight.

Location of Trial of Elements in WoW Dragonflight

The map showing Primalist Tomorrow in Thaldraszus
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It can be quite a challenge to locate the Trial of Elements as it cannot be found within one of the base zones in the game. To find the Trial of Elements, go to the Temporal Conflux in the southeast portion of Thaldraszus with coordinates 60.5, 83. There’s a portal on a platform right at the center that you can enter, which leads you to a subzone called Primalist Tomorrow.

You first get access to Primalist Tomorrow during the Thaldraszus campaign, and you can head there again once it has been completed. Head to coordinates 29, 26 in the subzone to locate the Trial of Elements. It’s the cave in its northwest area.

WoW Dragonflight Trial of Elements walkthrough

A hero wields its weapon in Dragonflight
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To complete the Trial of Elements, you’ll have to defeat enemies that spawn until you are lead to the final boss of the event. Once eliminated, you get access to the Chest of Elements. You can find it at the back of a cave nearby. Looting the Chest of Elements gives you relevant gear scaling to your item level. Surviving the wave of enemies in the Trial of Elements only takes you a little amount of time and effort, and the rewards awaiting are substantial.

What gear do you get from the Chest of Elements?

Thaldraszus in WoW Dragonflight
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The gear you obtain from the Chest of Elements scales to your current item level or your character’s current abilities. What’s great about completing the Trial of Elements is that it’s guaranteed that all the rewards you get are items that you can actually get good use of.

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