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Reconnaissance by Fire is one of the missions for the brand new Faction in Call of Duty DMZ, which is currently going by the name [Redacted] until further notice. This particular mission is one of the first Tier 2 missions that you can complete for the new Faction. As luck would have it, the mission also involves some other new content that arrived with Season 3 of DMZ.

In Reconnaissance by Fire, players will be killing Cartel Soldiers, or AQ Soldiers, which have replaced the Shadow Company Soldiers on the map of Al Mazrah. Players will need to find as many Cartel Soldiers as possible because they will be required to kill nearly two dozen of them using different weapons.

Completing Reconnaissance by Fire in DMZ

Provided by Activision

The three objectives to complete Reconnaissance by Fire are as follows:

  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soldiers with a Kastov 762 with a DF105 Reflex Sight equipped
  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soldiers with a Kastov 762 with a VLK 4.0 Optic equipped
  • Kill 7 Cartel or AQ Soldiers with a Kastov 762 with a DrexSom Prime-90 thermal optic equipped

As players can see, they will need the Kastov 762 and three different scopes to complete this mission. First and foremost, if you want to just kill Cartel Soldiers, you can find them primarily at Hafid Port on the large boat that’s in the center of the location. AQ Soldiers are any AI found on the rest of Al Mazrah.

The easiest way to complete this mission is to go into three different matches with a new scope on the Kastov 762 equipped. So, you would start off with the Kastov 762 with a DF105 Reflex Sight equipped, kill seven AI soldiers, and then exfil. Following that, simply change your scope, and repeat the process two more times.

Once 21 AI soldiers have been eliminated, you will complete the Reconnaissance by Fire mission in DMZ.

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